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  Of Kirsty Lawton
  Kirstys Mum
Gail Lawton
  Kirstys Friend
Robyn Fullwood
Kirstys Friend Robyn

Kirsty was my best friend. The one word I always relate to her is inspirational, however I did not know quite to what extent until it was unfortunately too late. Nevertheless I have always known her as being immensely strong and brilliant in every way. She has always had such a warm and kind hearted personality, with the cutest little giggle ever.

I remember the first day she started at Clayton High, she came and sat on our table and the excitement of a new person got the better of me and I interrogated her with questions much to her annoyance, however we quickly became friends.

I did not know much about cystic fibrosis at the time and remember studying it once in science, I felt so sorry for her having to deal with all that, but she never seemed to let it bother her or want any fuss.

To me she was just a great friend who always wanted to look after everyone else and who I quickly began to love. Kirsty and I have had so many great memories together doing even just the simple things like sleepovers and shopping, which I took for granted at the time and did not appreciate as much as I now wish.

I remember when we always used to go liquid on a Tuesday for under 18´s and the next day at school that´s all we would talk about because we thought it made us sound cool, to say we had stayed out til ten "clubbing" and drinking red bull. I also remember the time we went to the x-factor concert and were so star struck when JLS came out.

Kirsty was such an amazing person and I feel so privileged to have been able to know her, she is always in my heart and I think about her every single day. As I have got older, I have always wished she could be with me, experiencing all the stuff she has never got to. I feel upset at how unfair life can be at times. I have never met a person as lovely and genuine as Kirsty, she has made me such a strong person and I have a lot to thank her for. Kirsty truly is irreplaceable; she will always be so close to my heart and never far from my thoughts.

I love you Kirsty.

Kirsty still is my best friend − and always will be.